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→ michelle montgomery in 4.04 metamorphosis

i said… “don’t hurt me… because i’m pregnant.”

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Morgana Collins -mãe da Valentina- (atriz: Joanne Kelly)

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Joanne Kelly & Jaime Murray

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Joanne Kelly & Eddie McClintock Warehouse 13 Saturday Panel Sydney Oz Comic Con

Getting Dirty Is Good For The Soul - [Elissa and Fenris]


His nod in response to her thanks was slow and confused, though he accepted her words and the held door, passing through its frame and into the air-conditioned, metal-noted air of the auto supply shop ahead of her.

Fenris remained silent and attentive for the first half-minute they were in the store, ensuring that Elissa had a chance to get her bearings if need be, withholding further commentary until they were already on their way to their first destined aisle. “May I ask why you thought your days of repairing cars for leisure had passed?” he asked when they turned down an aisle, briefly side-stepping an older woman who, despite a hobbled walk, was carrying a rather enormous box quite capably and with a content smile on her face.

He could guess that the reasons for her stopping were that she had fallen on hard times financially, and/or did not have the space for performing such functions, but he had the opportunity to ask, and trusted that if Elissa did not wish to tell him, she wouldn’t.

Or at least, he hoped as much. “I apologize. I am not prone to nosiness, but I admit I’m curious.” It wasn’t often he was responsible for someone else’s good day, after all, and such circumstances only heightened his wonder about the brunette in the aisle beside him.

"At first? I was displaced." Elissa have the knee-jerk non-answer as easily as she was breathing, though the sidelong glance at Fenris’s face made her immediately regret it.
Teeth pressed into the edge of her lip and her face dipped forward, concealing her expression behind a curtain of dark curls long enough that she could think of how to explain without giving her newfound friend more of her story than he probably wanted.
"That’s a nice way of putting it, I suppose." She continued, laughing softly and pulling the hair back over her shoulder. "I stopped when my family was murdered and I came here. Being an assassin doesn’t afford me either the coin, time or living space within which to follow most of my hobbies. Other than drawing and reading, I’ve pretty much had to cast everything aside."
With another slight smile her green eyes sought his out. “So sincerely, Fenris. Thank you. I had forgotten what this felt like.”
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Get to know: Joanne Kelly

Trouble - [Elissa and Bethany]


Bethany couldn’t help but smile brightly and let out a light laugh of her own in response to Elissa’s. While she could have loved to be able to take more animals home with her, she knew that was impossible. Most of the time she was content with being able to care for them when they were at the shelter. It was taxing at some moments, but also very rewarding at others.

“Oh, you’re very welcome. Our apartment can barely fit all four of us let alone more pets. As it is Baset has officially made me her sleeping pillow. Although, I have found her in Garrett’s sleeping space a few times. I think she’s figured out how to open the closet by herself.” She paused in order to take another sip of her drink and a few more bites of her waffle, which was slowly disappearing. Her stomach was already content with the amount of food in it, but she wasn’t about to leave the last few bites sitting on her plate. It wasn’t enough to wrap up and bring with her.

“Are you sure those two would be able to last a week together? I think that might be asking a bit much” she said, a small smirk on her lips.

"You’re probably right. Twenty-four hours is usually a stretch for them. A full week and I’m far more likely to be paying someone’s bail and someone else’s hospital bill." Elissa sighed, pushing aside her own emptied plate in favor of her rapidly emptying coffee mug. "And speaking of somebody’s hospital bill, I should probably get you home before your brother realizes what I’ve gotten you into else it’s /my/ bill I’m more likely to pay."
She smiled to show she was kidding —mostly— then waved over the waitress so that she could settle her bill. “Thank you again for volunteering on such short notice. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
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Big Guns - [Elissa and Isabela]


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